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The Yoga Studio

Indianapolis Yoga Studio Website Design

The Yoga Studio has three locations throughout Indianapolis and Carmel. They teach hot yoga practices and have teacher training for professionals to evolve to teach the practice.

Project Objectives

The Yoga Studio approached Circle City Digital with a mission. Their desire was to build an updated website design for their yoga studio as their current website design was over seven years old and out of touch with current website design trends.

The Development Process

The first thing we started working on was the home page design on the website. The Yoga Studio marketing team had great website design creative inspiration heading into the project so we did our best to take their inspiration and run with it. Thanks to their amazing efforts, we were able to nail the design with the first mockup and only had to make minimal tweaks with the colors utilized throughout the website. Rather than a teal-focused website as they have had in the past, the owner of the studio wanted a more minimal design style with black and white throughout.

Project Details

  • wordpress icon
    WordPress CMS

    WordPress is an amazing CMS that allows people to make updates with ease. It's easy to manage, which is important for a Yoga Studio that regularly has events and workshops on a monthly basis that require frequent updates for!

  • website builder email
    DIVI Page Builder

    The Yoga Studio was stuck in 2013 with their old website design. There were a lot of limitations on the back end that dated the site and makes it difficult to manage. We built their website by utilizing a Divi Page Builder that allows us to continue to change and evolve the website design frequently.

Indianapolis Website Design Summary

When trying to find a yoga studio that is a good fit for you, there are a few things that most website visitors are looking for information about.  

  • 1. Location
  • 2. Pricing
  • 3. Schedule
  • 4. Class Types

Due to that, we customized each page to give website visitors a user-friendly way to navigate the site and get the information they are searching for. 

The Location Page

The location page on their old website was a three-column format that didn’t have much styling or personality to it. We wanted to make sure their new location page had exactly that, but also had all the information someone would want to know in an easy to understand format. 

On the new location page you can see the contact information including address and phone number, parking instructions, and a photo of each location so you make sure you know exactly how to get there! 

The Pricing Page

The old pricing page was hidden and not well organized. On the new pricing page, we added links to purchase packages and had each section organized so it was easy for users to digest information and purchase a package that best fit their needs.

The Schedule Page

The schedule page pulls in a widget from MINDBODY that displays the class schedule and gives visitors a way to register for each class. This is super important for the Yoga Studio, as this has not been a necessity in the past. In previous classes, people could walk in and get a spot. However, with COVID safety precautions, class registration was imperative as there are limited spaces. This page now makes it easy for people to see what classes are available and allows them to register with ease.

Class Page

The class page was simple and it was important for it to stay that way. There are 11 different classes, each one unique in it’s own way. This page needed to get to the point and not add any complexities to it. It didn’t change much from its previous design, we just got rid of the photos and let the classes speak for themselves.  

To learn more about the project and see images of different, unique pages, please click the images below for full-sized photos. Want to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you with your company’s website? Click this link to get in touch.