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TSP Law Office

Trenna S. Parker Law Office (TSP Law Office) is a local, family-owned law firm located in Noblesville, Indiana. Although the law firm is small, their legal service offerings are many and they wanted a website that could convey their expertise.

One of the first things you will notice as you land on TSP’s website is their service section. This section is organized in a way that makes it one of the first things you notice as you land on the website, allowing you an easily navigatable experience as you gain more of an understanding of the depth of the Noblesville law firm’s offerings.

Project Details

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    A significant part of the website is the blog. This blog allows TSP the ability to speak to current or prospective clients by showing them they are up to date on what is going on in the world and are here to help!

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    Service Section

    This Law Firm Website had a custom build menu navigation built out so that the first thing you focus on isn't navigating from one page to another, but looking at the service section to understand all of TSP's offerings.