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Wolenski Law

Wolenski Law came to Circle City Digital because they were in need of branding, a logo, and a new website. Wolenski Law is a start-up business that did not have any digital footprint before we started. The new website design needed to be minimalistic, and easy to read and navigate. Wolenski Law found Circle City Digital via a Google search, once they found out we could create a website and her branding/logo she was interested in doing business with us!

Indianapolis Lawyer Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a minimalistic Web Design
  •  Create a unique company branding and logo
  •  Design a unique FAQ with a mobile-first focus
  •  Tell the story of Wolenski Law and how they help their clients

Wolenski Law needed a website design that allows the website visitors the ability for web visitors to instantly know what family law services they offer to clients. Wolenski law is the “Next Step For Your Family” and provides a variety of services to help your family thrive!

Project Detals

  • Minimalistic Design

    Wolenski Law needed a minimalistic design that was easy to read by all age groups, and the web design needed to have a focus on the web visitors immediately being able to see that they are a virtual law office.

  • Mobile First Design

    Realizing the importance of how people view modern websites, Wolenski Law understood that the website must be mobile and tablet friendly. We designed the website with mobile responsive as a priority.