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Woll Enterprises

Woll Enterprises helps businesses become more efficient and effective by finding ways to overcome their obstacles. Woll Enterprises offers companies business consulting services! They came to us looking for a way to be found online by people who are searching for them by their keyword terms.

Circle City Digital Created a custom website design along with Search Engine Optimization while keeping branding, look, and professionalism that Woll Enterprises was looking for in their new website. We were able to work with David to get to know his goals for the company, he gave us details about each service he offered along with marketing efforts from the past campaigns, so we could fully grasp what we needed to do in order to make this new website and SEO campaign a success.

We were able to leverage past unsuccessful Pay Per Click Ads, to find good both short and long-tail keywords for his new website e. Woll Enterprises was a pleasure to work with and David was very hands-on in the entire process!

Project Details

  • Keyword Research

    Using several different propriety tools and programs we were able to successfully research keywords, terms, and phrases that are commonly used and input into search engines such as Google. Using data from previous search engine marketing campaigns we were able to find the correct negative keywords so that Woll Enterprises did not receive inquires that were for services he doesn't offer.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We performed on-site and on-going Search Engine Optimization we were able to increase the website traffic leading to quality sales interactions and conversions. Setting up an on-going campaign allowed us to optimize Woll Enterprises website for several keywords in several major cities.