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Wreck Beach Spirits

Wreck Beach Spirits came to Circle City Digital because Alana started a (Freezie Boozie) vodka spirits business and she was in need of a website design update. Wreck Beach Spirits understood that the business was going to need a new Alcohol Web Design. One that would allow for clients to quickly and easily navigate the Wreck Beach Website, strong Call-To-Action buttons to purchase alcohol online, and tell the story of Alana and how Wreck Beach Spirits came to be.

Indianapolis Alcohol Web Design Goals:

  •  Create a custom user interface that is easily navigatable
  •  Create a fun and unique website that matches the company’s branding persona
  •  Design a unique timeline that follows the companies journey to success
  •  Tell the story of Alana and how she was the “freeze bootlegger”

Wreck Beach Spirits wanted a fun and unique custom website that matches their unique branding and personality. They have amazing causes that give back to the LGBTQ2+ community and help out dog rescues as well.  The “boozie freezies” are all-natural and they wanted to be able to showcase that by having a nutrition page, that shows exactly what ingredients are in the “boozie freezies.”

Project Details

  • Custom Timeline

    The custom timeline section on the website for Wreck Beach Spirits is unique because we are able to document the entire process of creating the company and Alana's story. This is a unique way that they are able to showcase the backstory of their company to the people in their community!

  • Custom Web Development

    Wreck Beach Spirits have a unique backstory, one that speaks to Alana's unique personality and how she created the company. We wanted to make sure that the website showcases the same unique feeling to each individual page you visit.