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Why Optimize Your Website?

7 Website Optimization Strategies

What are the key website optimization strategies needed to generate more traffic for your blog or website?
Search engine optimization is very important to anything that intends to thrive on the internet. It is a known fact that it is hard to decide which factors are used by Google when search engine results come to play, but numerous sources are saying it’s around 200 ranking factors.

Certain websites tend to rank higher than other websites for various reasons but the key reason is search engine optimization (SEO). Aren’t sure where to get started with SEO?

Here are a few website optimization strategies to help you progress in your Google rankings.
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More than half of all people who go to your website say that they will leave your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. So ask yourself or use a tool like GTMetrix to see how long it takes to load your website.


SSL Certificate is what shows the little lock symbol next to the URL in your web browser. But, what does it do you ask? Well, it adds SSL or TLS encryption whenever possible and contains the URL’s public key, identity, and related information.


Your website should do more than just look good, it should be functional on all different screen sizes. We believe website designs should be built in a way that works with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer.

Is your website a rockstar?
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1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Over half of the world’s population make more use of their phones in opening websites. Computers and laptops can be a lot harder to carry about therefore if you make your website less mobile-friendly, you are sure to chase away the audience. No one wants to navigate a confusing website. Therefore utilize a more responsive website design that lets your site adapt to any device it is exposed to.

Also, scale your images to be more responsive and avoid designs that are difficult to read.

2. Ensure your web speed is fast

Slow internet speed makes people give up easily on the site and instead look for one which is a lot faster. Ensure your load time is as short as possible. Some ways you can improve your website speed:

  • Increase enabling your browser cache
  • Use an appropriate hosting solution
  • Reduce calls to HTTP.
  • Also avoid overloading your site with anything that isn’t necessary.
  • Plugins and redirects should also be used at the minimum.

3. Ensure site security

Your website’s security should be very important to you. Optimizing your website security can make your users feel a lot more secured when using your site and less in doubt. It can also reduce the bounce rates while increasing conversions. In addition to that, it can higher your google rankings. Use HTTPS to enhance your website security. What this does it that it encrypts all information being sent between the server and the browsers and this protects your site from any attack.

4. Ensure your designs are attractive and updated

An attractive website keeps people longer. You should ensure designs and content are always up to date. What this does it that it improves your search ranking as well. It also reduces bounce rates while increasing conversions. You want a website design people can relate to. Not something that looks like it was used in the early ’20s.

Always ensure you keep up with the trend and let your users know you’re listening to their wants and needs. Go for something more modern and outstanding. However, avoid making it too complicated.

5. Offer and provide a commendable user experience

You have to make your users happy. To ensure that you have to provide the best design, content, etc. on your website. User experience determines the success of any company. A few ways you can provide this is by making the website easy to navigate. It also provides a great design and content they would love to read.

6. Reduce Bounce Rates

What are the bounce rates? These are the number of people who didn’t visit more than one page on your site and that’s not good for your ranking. How can you reduce these bounce rates?

  • Increase your web speed
  • Reduce the number of ads
  • Ensure content is useful and updated
  • Never forget to use anchor links
  • Interlink your blog posts.

7. Optimize technical SEO

You might think writing worthy content is all that matters but that’s not the only important factor. The technical part of your site is very important to your ranking. A few things you should look into include;

  • Fix all your broken links
  • Utilize backlinks
  • Use google search console to check the index
  • Your XML sitemap should be submitted to google search console.
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly.
  • Make use of meta tags and titles.
  • Avoid duplicates.
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Website Optimization Conclusion Time!

With these 7 simple website optimization strategies, you are sure to have a better ranking site on google and generate more traffic. It can be made easier to choose circle city digital to help optimize your site the best way and increase your ranking. All you have to do is click on this page for more information.

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