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Social Media Monitoring

It’s becoming socially unacceptable for businesses to avoid social media.

There are many different ways to market to your audience and, unlike big-budget ventures such as a TV commercial or billboard, social media marketing is accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

In our technologically advanced society, consumers have come to expect a social media presence from all companies they do business with. It provides them with a direct line of communication, as showcase the ins-and-outs of your company. If you’re not on social media, you’re closing that line of communication and might lose a potential client or customer in the meantime.


Get Social

Your customers are online, why aren’t you?

Managing multiple social media platforms is both time and labor-intense. Many business owners and marketing professionals do not have time to devote to live streaming and tweeting while managing their company.

With more than 10 major social media sites available, it’s not enough to set up a company Facebook and Twitter account and call it a day. Not every social media site is right for every company and their specific marketing objectives.

All social media campaigns at Circle City Digital start by doing research to identify the client`s target audience and what platforms are best for reaching that audience. Once this has been established, we begin to build a social media strategy that best accomplishes their marketing goals while maintaining an identifiable brand persona.



Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You’ve heard more than once to get on social media, but why? Here’s are a few reasons why your company needs to get social.


Capturing your audience’s attention is what we do best. In today’s overcrowded social media world, it’s important to build an edge and develop content that’s out of the box rather than robotic content without a personality.


When you can communicate with your clients on social media and consult them through a decision-making process, it’s a lot easier to sell. Having a strong social media presence can increase brand awareness and make it so easy to give and get referrals from trusted friends.


The more you post on your social media accounts, the more your followers will link, retweet, or share your post. In doing so, you’re increasing the number of impressions and giving yourself a better chance those shares will turn into website visitors. And with more visitors comes a better chance to get backlinks, which are still considered the best way to rise up your SEO rank.

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