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Social Media can be a serious game changer for your business if it’s done correctly.  Capturing your audiences’ attention is the main objective when working with this platform. Creating unique, well-written content that includes supporting images and video is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. So far, this may seem like basic, common sense information. Most businesses struggle, though, with exposure due to a lack of content. As with all things, however, it’s not all about quantity. The quality of your content is also very important. The authenticity and originality of your images and writing is a huge factor in the effectiveness of your posts.

In fact, market research shows that by using your own images and videos instead of stock images will more quickly gain the trust of your clients. Basically, to be successful in the world of social media, be proud of your brand and your product  Take every opportunity to talk about who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to show to the world!

Social Media Exposure

The same market research study shows that positive exposure can increase the visibility of your brand by up to 75%. This advantage can give your business a leg up if you are consistent in publishing content. In order to capitalize on your social media market, we suggest that you create and adhere to a content schedule. For example, if you put out a “How-To” video every Monday your customers, both current and potential, will come to expect those videos and are more likely to visit your site when they are looking for information. The increased exposure can result in more leads and, consequently, more sales.  It is for this reason that social media can be one of the biggest assets to your company.

Why Have A Professional Manage My Social Media

So now you are probably thinking ” If all I need to do is talk about my brand and product, why outsource my social media”? The short answer to this is time. Creating posts, content, schedules, etc. can be exceptionally time-consuming, not to mention stressful. Outsourcing your social media content will, obviously, alleviate these issues. There are additional benefits to hiring a professional and we have listed a few of them here.

  • Strategic Partnering
  • Improved Search Engine Indexing
  • Insight To Target Demographics
  • Market Place Insight

Best Social Media Platform

While Facebook has the most users at this time, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin also provide social media value. The most important difference is that each platform reaches a different target audience. If you have an eCommerce website, for example, Instagram would be most appropriate because it is targeted toward image-rich content. Using this platform will, in turn, provide the most return for your time.

Facebook and Twitter are platforms that allow for more interaction with your target audience. Posting on these platforms allow you to carry on a conversation, answer questions, and provide explanations quickly and easily. These work best for industries that are geared more toward providing a service rather than a product. Keeping up with Social Media Platforms is vitally important because each platform gives a unique opportunity to link your brand to your potential clients.

So What About Integration?

Integrating social media into your normal operations is the most impactful way to keep your client based informed and engaged. It allows you to connect with your audience regardless of your location or if you have access to a PC. Taking advantage of this technology can be as easy as adding social media links to your website, email, and blog postings which ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your client base.

Proven Results

  • Increase in Website Traffic
  • Sales Funnel Creation
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Direct Contact With Your Customers
  • Unlimited Visibility

In Conclusion

With over two billion users, social media is essential to the success of your business. In order to get the most out of your social media use the appropriate platform, authentic and original images, and integrate every part of your business. The best way to achieve these objectives is to outsource your social media management to a professional who will help make the most of your exposure.

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