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SSL Certificates and Their Importance to Your Website.

You’ve most likely seen the grey padlock icon in your browser or your WordPress website when you visit a website powered by an SSL certificate. This is the best indicator that the site is secure, but it isn’t the only one. The lock in your browser tells you that the entire connection is encrypted, but that doesn’t mean that information about you or your behavior can’t be collected.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol that encrypts data sent between your computer and a server. For example, if you enter your credit card into a website, it is transmitted over SSL. SSL is ubiquitous. They are on every website, whether you know it or not. You can use SSL for E-Commerce, online banking, email, social media, and anything else on the Internet that requires a login. SSL is the foundation of the Internet’s security. Without it, anyone along the way could read and alter every piece of sensitive information about you that is transmitted over the Internet.

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What is the Benefit of Install an SSL Certificate to your WordPress Website?

Increase site security and streamline your business online:

Our websites are constantly exposed to the web, which can be dangerous. Thankfully, WordPress provides us with an SSL Certificate. By doing so, we can increase the security of our WordPress sites. SSL certificates protect the confidentiality and integrity of communications over the Internet. And they make sharing private information – like credit card numbers – safer for you and your customers.

Customer Trust

When you set up an SSL Certificate on your website, you want to give your customers peace of mind that their private data (e.g., credit card numbers) is safe on your site.

If you want to make sales on Internet, your customers will need someone they can trust – and they won’t trust the Internet if your website doesn’t have a valid SSL Certificate.

And studies have shown that customers with a direct connection to your site (e.g., through SSL) tend to spend more, return more often, and recommend you to their friends.

Website Authentication

The Internet has provided many various opportunities for businesses to expand, but Circle City Digital has made it more accessible. We offer SSL certificates that bring trust to your website for customers and search engines.

If you install an SSL certificate for your site, the browser will verify the website owner’s identity. The browser will vouch for your integrity, and users will see that you can be trusted as a business.

SEO Advantage

SSL is important for you because Google and other search engines now give your website higher rankings if you have an SSL. All Google does is look at the site, and if it has an SSL, they rank it higher. They already rank it higher if it’s HTTPS, and they just added SSL to the list. If you have an SSL, your site looks friendlier to Google, and they look nicer to the people who visit your site.

Installing an SSL Certificate on your Website?

SSL Certificates are sold in two flavors. One type is Domain Validation (DV). DV certificates do not verify the identity of your website’s owner or an administrator. This type of certificate requires your organization to input a company name, address, and phone number into the certificate. The other type of certificate is Organization Validation (OV). OV certificates do verify the identity of your website’s owner or an administrator. However, unlike DV certificates, OV certificates require your organization to input a company name, address, and phone number, as well as a copy of a signed, government-issued business license.

Many web hosts require an SSL Certificate. Web hosts that sell products and services directly to consumers and accept payment online need a certified SSL.

When you order an SSL certificate, SSL Certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities (CA), such as VeriSign and GeoTrust.

In conclusion, you can protect your website and save the end-user by using an SSL certificate. If you are unsure about SSL, Circle City Digital can help. Whether you are hosting your website or using a hosting service, we can install and manage your SSL certificate. Call us today to get an SSL certificate!

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