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Networking is, by far, one of the most powerful tools any business owner or salesperson has at their disposal. This is because of the number of referrals, leads, contacts, and strategies that can be gained from the members of your Networking group without spending an arm and a leg! Information for Networking Groups can be easily found and getting started is a breeze! Here are just a few of the tips, tricks, and benefits of joining a local group.


Stop and think about people in your life you are willing to help and go the extra mile for. Usually, these are people who would (or have) shown you the same kindness and offered to lend you a hand during a hard time. Now apply that to your business and you have the idea of a Networking Group. In order for your group to be effective, each member must be dedicated to building up one another and looking out for the best interest of the other members. Basically, the harder you work to provide leads for your group, the harder they will work for you in return. Getting and giving referrals and leads can help build your reputation along with your business.



Setup 1-on-1 meetings with your members. Grab a cup of coffee with them and listen. Really listen to what they have to say and take a deeper dive into those people. This means focusing, making relevant suggestions, and sharing similar experiences. Sharing ideas about how to improve sales and/or marketing strategies may spark the idea your teammate needs to be successful. Another benefit is that you might just learn a thing or two yourself.


During your 1-on-1s, if you hear a great idea help them build on it. Perhaps they will hear your idea and help you build on yours! This is impactful when planning and strategizing your plan of attack for business growth and prosperity. If you focus on building and supporting the people of your network, then they will help you in return! It really can grow into a team atmosphere very quickly. You now have a room of 20+ people who are advocates of your business. Because you took the time and effort to help, you now have a team of people behind you promoting your brand.



As you embark on a ‘giver’s gain’ philosophy and begin to meet like-minded people, you will start to hear about other successful groups and chapters. People will begin to ask you to visit your chapter and meet their team. This is how your networking circle continues to grow which means more opportunity to expand your business and presence. And that is exactly why you should network! You can grow your outreach, build your brand, and be surrounded by people who understand your day to day struggle and can share in your success as well.


These are just a few of the benefits and tips for successful networking but there are a plethora of reasons that all successful businesspeople have a large network of contacts. Think about how much easier your sales job would be if you had a group of people helping to promote your product and advertise your service. Even if there is a nominal fee to join a networking group, it is well worth it!

Don’t stop with just joining a group, though. Go to local networking events, talk to associates when you visit their business and don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. You should also be sure to always keep your business card on you to hand out to potential contacts. Your new contacts can’t reach you if they don’t have your information!

While you can never have too many people in your Networking circle, be sure to keep your primary group in mind at all times. If someone you are speaking with mentions a need that a member of your group can meet, pass on the name! Even better, get permission from the potential client to give their information to your teammate! Networking groups thrive because of this practice.

At the end of the day, the main goal of any Networking Group is to increase the profitability of its members and their companies. In order to do this, though, members must be active and dedicated to this goal. If they are, it is practically guaranteed that you will see results!


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