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The Armstong of WordPress Speeds.

Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

No We Are Not Selling Wrist Bands… Yet!

Speed is one of the essential things that every website must have, and if you have a WordPress website, you would have noticed that it can get really slow sometimes. No matter how beautiful your WordPress themes are or how great the content on your site is, if your site is too slow for the users, you can bet that most of them are going to look the other way when your website pops up on their screens.

If you’re still wondering why it is essential that your website responds fast, then you must not have heard that Google now ranks websites by how fast their pages open. If Google notices that your visitors spend more than the required time waiting for your pages to load fully, you may not get on the first page. That’s not all. You can even lose subscribers and potential visitors if your page takes too long to load.

In this article, I will show you some things you can do to get your website up to speed in no time. It’s more than just having great content now, speed is essential, and you just have to pay attention to the following.

Increase Your WordPress Website Speed Today!



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The bigger the size of your images, the longer it will take for your pages to load. Now, there is a known way to reduce the size of the images without affecting the quality. The only downside to this is that you’ll have to do it to every image on the page or the entire website one after the other.


Some people think this only helps visitors maximize their data but that’s not all there is to this feature. LazyLoad is what happens when the pictures on a web page don’t load until the user scrolls to them. This means that your page would load faster with the images that your visitors can see at the top of the screen. 


Another thing that can add to what slows your page down is a shared host. Yes, you may not be spending so much keeping it there, but are you saving enough considering the visitors you’re losing? Of course not. Invest in proper website hosting, don’t mind the cost, and you’re going to reap the fantastic benefits that come with it. Don’t slow your progress down because you’re trying to maintain a budget.

Do themes and plug-ins help improve Your WordPress Website speed?

Choose a solid framework or WordPress theme

So many WordPress developers, in trying to beautify the site, end up filling it up with frameworks or themes that they’ll never use. Don’t get me wrong, it is crucial to make your website appealing to users, but do you really need a GIF of a walking dog as your header just because your website is about dogs?

Let’s leave that aside; you know that the 2019 default theme is actually very fast to load. What do you think is the reason for that? Did I hear you say simplicity? Oh, well then, you should know better than to make things too complicated for your website to handle.

Use caching plug-ins

All of WordPress’s plugins are free to use when you visit their website. You may not even need the help of a professional to use most of them since they’re straightforward to manage. Caching plug-ins will significantly improve the speed of your website and help you maintain your website’s visitors and subscribers.

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No, We Can’t Win You A Gold Medal In Load Times.

Crossing The Finish Line Of How To Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

That’s going to be more stressful than actually losing visitors, wouldn’t it? Well, don’t worry; there’s a plug-in known as WP-Smushit that lets you optimize the images before they’re even uploaded on the website. Additionally, when they keep going down, the other pictures on the website would gradually start loading too. That’s a brilliant way to keep the website running faster. This means that all your photos can be optimized with just one click. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

There are other things that you can put in place; however, having all the strategies mentioned above in place will keep your WordPress website up to speed.

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