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Strong Timeless Fonts

There are so many old things that we have observed become awesome again, and at some point, they still went back to become uncool. A typical example is the mom jeans and also handlebar mustaches.

Parallax Sections

These effects have always trended in web designs, and we are still hoping to see many more creative and subtle explorations that parallax can accomplish.

Multimedia Experiences

Many people now have access to fast internet speeds, making web experiences pop up everywhere. When video, audio, text, and visuals are brought together, the user experience will be richer.

Web Design/UX is there a difference anymore?

2021 Web Design Trends

No More 2020, deal?

The year 2020 was not normal, It was filled with anxiety and more. We got used to attending zoom meetings, using hand sanitizers, using face masks, and the rest of it. But the good thing is that we survived it and have come into a new year. While in lockdown, a lot of people spent their time learning new things like design skills, while some other people used the moment to improve their cooking skills.

While everyone was learning new skills, we kept ourselves updated with the ever-growing web design trends. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the web design trends for 2021. Our purpose for making this post is to help you improve your web design.

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2021 web design trends

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Retro Fonts

This same flow and ebb in popularity have also happened to retro fonts and many other designs that feature vintage typography. However, there has been some sort of resurgence in throwback typography. We are now seeing artistry and stylization reimagining retro fonts.

On Spotify’s page of carnival promotion, we can see how new and old are merged, breathing fresh life into bold traditional fonts. This is an example of using traditional fonts and making them more modern and cool. We still expect to see more cool typography reimagining.

Scroll Effects

Do not forget that people who have vestibular disorders are not to be exposed to excess parallax effects movement as it can be dangerous to them. These effects can cause dizziness and disorientation. Below are some tips that can help you harmlessly use parallax:

  • Do not allow parallax effects  to overshadow important information
  • Use the effects minimally
  • Do not make it difficult for a user to finish an important assignment
  • Use a minimal parallax movement in each instance
  • Add an option that allows a user to turn parallax effects off
  • The effects should be constrained within a little area of a screen

Horizontal Scroll

The horizontal scroll was formerly considered to be a faux-pa of web design but is now making its way back. We can see how a lot of web designers making use of horizontal scroll. Experts mostly use it to progressively reveal secondary information. Here are some things that should be put into consideration for designers who want to successfully use horizontal scroll this year:

  • Do not make it compulsory for a user to use a horizontal scroll to navigate. Provide alternate ways that can be used to navigate.
  • Indicate the places that horizontal scroll is used in content with the use of clear cues. Ensure that hovers do not cover the cues.
  • Think about which content need the horizontal scroll before you make use of it.

3D Visuals

We have been seeing how 3D high-quality visuals are being seamlessly weaved into website designs. They have added to the general user experience, rather than being some sort of distractions. You can also make use of 3D visuals to improve your web. They add dimensionality and uniqueness to web pages.

Warning, Cringe-Worthy Line Ahead.

Last But Not Least.


Multimedia Experiences

  • When you want to combine audio and motion, prioritize simplicity. People who have cognitive disorders can find excessive going to be overwhelming or distracting.
  • Thoughtfully make use of formats of media to maximize content accessibility.
  • Make the whole pre-recorded multimedia to have closed transcripts.
  • Alt texts should be added for images as well as complex images that have long descriptive text.
  • Make sure that you use HTML to make the whole text, rather than rendering them inside images.
  • Do not autoplay motion or video content. You should provide a visible play button for users to tap for playing and pausing content.

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