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Custom Designed WordPress websites, designed to meet your unique business needs.

Web Design

Don’t just settle for a template, build a custom website around what your company needs. From organizing events to building a blog, we can help you get your company a website that doesn’t compare to your competition!


Haven’t updated your company’s look since it’s inception? It might be time to rebrand! Our design team has over 20 years of experience in graphic and apparel design and would love to help your Bloomington company with a new look!


Have a new website, but aren’t showing up on Google? Your website needs to be optimized. We’ll work with you to build an SEO strategy around the most searched keywords and get your business ranking!

Social Media

Did you know the average American has over 7 social media accounts? With smartphones taking over households, texting and social media are how everyone stays in touch throughout their day. You have to be where your customers are, and that’s on social!


Create The Perfect First Impression

Custom Web Design & Development for Beech Grove

The Right SEO Strategy by The Innovative Bloomington Digital Marketing Company.
Creating a website and running it without making use of SEO strategies can be likened to pouring water on rock, it won’t yield any result. Have you always wondered how big and smart brands occupy the first pages of search engine results? It is simple. They make use of SEO experts like the best Bloomington Digital Marketing Company.

We make sure your content is more optimized with the right keywords to ensure that they are noticed by Search Engine Algorithms. This is the beauty of SEO.

VISIBILITY IS IMPORTANT. This is why you need a professional Bloomington Digital Marketing Company To Help.

Making use of an SEO company that doesn’t understand the Bloomington business world is somewhat a waste of time. As a Bloomington Digital Marketing Company, we know what keywords need to be incorporated into your content to get you better visibility.

Full-Service Bloomington Digital Marketing Company

Circle City Digital Services

Web Design

Web design and SEO go hand in hand. Do you know that if a team of Bloomington web design experts handles your website, you can get increased visibility? We ensure that the layout and content on your website are appealing to your clients.

The web design for a brand that sells baby items is definitely different from the one that offers business advice. We understand this and create websites that will meet the needs of your niche.

We Offer You The Best Of eCommerce Facilities

If you have decided to build an online store, there are things that you have to keep in mind. It has to be appealing to the eyes, and easily used by your clients. Everything we do while building up your online store in Bloomington is to ensure that you have a large amount of traffic.


Why Choose Circle City Digital?

We believe that in the world of technology, that it is important to build long lasting partnerships. Because the technology of today, can be outdated tomorrow. We work with our clients to stay one step ahead of the changing times and keep your digital exposure as easily discoverable as possible.

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