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What are the 5 Elements to a Good Website Design?

A good website design can make or break a website. This can determine whether or not a potential client chooses to purchase a product or a service. There are certain website design elements a good website must-have. In this article, we’ll be discussing the five primary elements of designing a great website with high ROI.
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The Five Elements of a Good Web Design.

1. Navigation

Perhaps the most important element for good web design is navigation. This entails how easy it is to navigate the website. Sometimes, web designers may get carried away with the thought of creating a robust, advanced website and forget the critical function of a website – to be accessed. Navigation includes, but is not limited to, menu accessibility, font size, font choice, a site map, and interaction. The element of navigation can be neatly split into two categories.

  • Mobile-Friendly A large number of frequent internet users access the internet primarily through their phones. This means that web designers must take this into consideration. A good web design should be easy to navigate on a mobile device. Most websites have similar designs for desktop and mobile views, with only a few differences.
  • Web-Friendly – Even though mobile users are rising in the ranks, desktop users are still very important. A lot of shopping tends to take place on a computer; therefore, the website should also be desktop-friendly.

2. Visuals

As more and more people gravitate towards the internet, the need for aesthetics will only continue to rise. The website will need not only to function properly but also to be pleasing to the human eye. The visual design of a website holds a large influence on consumers. It is important to note, however, that this element of web design can and should not be generalized. The visuals of your website should be based on the industry you’re in and the product or service you offer.

If you’re a lawyer with a website, you’ll need neutral tones, blue, black, gray, etc., because people associate those tones with professionalism. If you have an online candy store, you’ll need a very colorful design. You can generally find the most appropriate design for your website by looking at other websites in your field of work. This way, you’ll get a feel of what looks best, and then you can begin to customize it to fit your business and brand.

3. Content

Most websites have some form of content, whether it’s a blog or videos. Content is key because it is a simple way to increase interaction. This is why most businesses have a newsletter customers sign up for. Content also includes the image, writing, and videos on your website. Depending on the service or product you’re offering, you’ll want to discuss the product/service and regularly release relevant news/information.

4. Interactive

A website that has little to no interaction will not last very long. Web interaction does not necessarily mean actually interacting with visitors to your website. Interaction means engaging the visitors up until the moment they are convinced to actually contact you. This is not easy to do because the world seems to be filled with a billion businesses. However, it is still very possible. There are a few ways to increase interaction on your website. You can post articles, send newsletters, or have a testimonials tab. Once again, the level of interaction depends on the field you’re in. A website that sells luxury yachts will have a different level of interaction compared to an online candy store.

5. Access to Information

Some website viewers may not have a lot of time to peruse your website. However, they may be searching for contact information. This is why contact information and other important information should always be at the bottom of every page. A good web design should always have a search tab. Websites that have no search tabs tend to be annoying and laborious to navigate. All these factors help to make information more accessible on the website.


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