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What is Cornerstone Content & Why
Does it Matter?

Content is King

Have you ever wondered why none of your website’s pages has ever shown up on Google’s first or at least the second page? The reason isn’t far-fetched. There are a few things you haven’t started to put in place or pay attention to.

When you search for something on Google, the websites that appear on the first page all have on thing in common, something so simple, yet so scarce.

In this article, we will be discussing some of those things that can help you get more clicks and page views which could in turn lead to conversion. We’ll discuss those little tricks that these websites use in bringing their websites to the topmost page of Google when you search.

Here are some tips to help!

Writing on the Wall


Whatever you do, make sure that your keywords are to kill for. Think about what people may search for on Google and write your keywords to fit that search. One thing you should not do when searching for keywords is, you shouldn’t get tempted to write keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content or at least what the website stands for. NO CLICK BAITING! When you get the appropriate keywords, make sure you incorporate it in your articles. Not in a way that makes it obvious or redundant, just fix them in one or two strategic places in the entire article.


The title or header is what pops up on Google during a search, so make sure it is given enough consideration. Your header should contain your keywords since it is what the whole content is about. That would also help your cornerstone page or website rank well on Google. More reason your title/header should contain the keywords is that Google or any other search engine wants to offer their customers specific results for their search and if your title answers the question in the search, you can be sure of getting suggested. 


You don’t want to make your cornerstone an average or poorly written article. This is the major point of this article and of your entire website. Make sure it contains links to other articles on your website and make sure other articles contain links that lead back to it. That way, visitors get to see the content as well as other content on your website.


Cornerstone content is the real deal on your website. Cornerstone content should contain the best, most relevant articles or posts on your site. And one thing to keep in mind is that by having a good title that answers the searchers’ questions will also help other websites link right back to your page when describing something to their own visitors.

These articles are posted on a page of your website that you intend to make very popular in order to get it to rank really high on Google’s search engine. They are usually very long, so they contain quality and informative articles, with a combination of several other related posts already written by another blog.

The main aim of cornerstone content is to thoroughly explain a topic or problem and give solutions if required. It doesn’t aim at selling any product or making visitors take any action. They usually answer questions such as “how, why, and what”.

How do you make your cornerstone content rank high on Google?

The basic idea of your cornerstone content is to help you gain more visibility and visitors to other content that you have on your website. Here are quick tips to help make your cornerstone content rank well:

Runway Laptop

An Effective SEO Landing Page

You have designed your website, put your cornerstone content in place, now it is time to create a landing page which is the page where you steal the attention of your visitors.

Your landing page usually focuses on compelling your readers to take action. That action in this regard involves getting them to click on the link that directs them to your cornerstone content or other pages on your website where they can easily see links to your cornerstone content.

If you do all of these, your website and cornerstone content would get just the perfect ranking it deserves on search engines. Also ensure to make your posts easy to share, which would help others who don’t already know your website discover you.

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