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Legend Says It’s The Best, News Flash. It is!

You’ve probably heard of Divi Visual Builder and wondered what it was? Why it’s a great thing to put into use and why everyone loves it so much. These questions will all be answered below

First of all, what if Divi Visual Builder?

This is a new product which comes from Elegant Themes and they have completely changed (in a fantastic way) ways you can build your website. The Divi theme is a popular WordPress theme and for good reason too. This builder works on any WordPress installation you have and comes with a plugin so you can even use it on your current website theme. Yes, that’s right, even those themes that aren’t built by Elegant Themes.

The Divi Builder lets you modify your site content and build your website designs in an easy to navigate and visual way. This can all be done without knowing HTML, CSS, or having to work with WordPress’ Gutenburg editor (which we know people are still bitter about)

Here Why.
Divi Builder Content Section

Numero 1.

Let’s say your site uses a theme that you are completely content with and you don’t want to change. You can get the Divi Builder plugin which doesn’t change your theme. That way, you can avoid needing a website developer and enjoy all the benefits come in the builder’s bundle. Using the plugin means your theme gets to function properly and you can do all you want on your site without having to lose your previous theme or completely change the design. It’s entirely up to you.

Numero 2.

With the use of Divi Visual Builder, you can insert, edit, and remove content blocks as you like. This builder also gives you a series of unlimited possibilities for your layout. It is flexible and is great for search engine optimization. It is also very responsive and gives you previews of what your website will look like on desktop, tablet and mobile so you have nothing to worry about your website’s responsive design.

Numero 3.

This builder makes use of modules, these modules are like content blocks and they are used in creating layouts. These layouts come in large numbers and are inexhaustible. The main aim of this Builder is to allow site owners who have little to no experience in design and development to create something appealing and beautiful and the easier way possible. Thanks to the easy navigation and settings, it can be used speedily and give you a worthy finishing touch.

What’s a Builder and how does it work on a wordpress website?

With the use of Divi Builder, you are offered a very powerful option for any WordPress Website. This builder encourages you to edit your content effectively and progress in site development. It saves you all the stress that comes with migrating from one theme to another.

Plus you are offered an unlimited amount of layouts with a great range of variety so making a choice wouldn’t be limited to a few options. It is also free for Elegant Themes Developer subscribers.

Why you should love WordPress Designs with the Divi Builder

There are a number of reasons to love Divi Visual builder. For one it lets you see the page design when fitting into the design of your website. That’s right. Amongst what you see includes the header, sidebars, footers, etc. that way you get to see what you want and you customize

There is a page setting option that lets you edit the title, featured image, excerpts, add a background, adjust color palettes, perform split testing, enable static CSS file generation, etc. You can also choose to change the size of the setting windows as you please as well as move it around or keep it in a place.

You get various staking options which make it easier for anyone to copy and paste. You also get other options such as find and replace etc. you can also load the layout you want or the layout manually whenever you want to start a new page or a new post for your backend builder.

For front end builders, there are workflows that give enough options to start with. One reason to love this builder is that you can clone an already existing page. It’s easy to appreciate how convenient that can be.

Divi Builder Laptop Image
Okay Cliff Notes??? Cool Here’s The TLDR Version.


With Divi visual builder, you can easily choose the feature you would like to see and also interact with them. It is very easy to use and navigate and it offers you a lot for just a little. Why haven’t you gotten it today?

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