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What is eCommerce Design?

Custom Indianapolis eCommerce Design

What is eCommerce?

Do you have a brick and mortar shop and are looking for new revenue options? Or do you have an awesome idea that you want to sell digitally? An eCommerce Website Design is exactly what you’re looking for!

Not really sure what an “eCommerce Design” is or what all is included? This blog will give you a breakdown so that you know all that is possible when you decide to make your move into eCommerce.



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The Perks of eCommerce Design

The term eCommerce very simply put by is “a business that is transacted by transferring data electronically, especially over the Internet.”

But to put it in words that most humans would use: it is an online store. This store can have everything from physical to even digital product offerings.

eCommerce Website Product Offerings

With the flexibility of WooCommerce, you can sell simple-items or set up endless product variations, have reoccurring subscriptions, or put together bundled product offerings – the sky is the limit! Not sure what product variations are? Here’s an example: 

You’re shopping for a t-shirt on the eCommerce website of your favorite non-profit. When selecting the shirt you want, you see that there are options for both sizing and colors. These are both variations! You have the option to choose from a Small, Medium, and Large shirt and also select from colors such as white, black, or gray! You might not have thought of this from a user standpoint but each variation you have available increases the amount of inventory you have to have on hand. A simple product, on the other hand, is just one item with no variations such as a custom pint glass. The glass only comes with one design and in one size – a pint! 

Ready for some more amazing benefits of eCommerce Design? Keep reading! 


With an eCommerce design, you can set up and implement shipping you are in control of. Compare real-time rates and select from a variety of carriers. Have flat-rate shipping or do bulk shipping, you’re in total control. 

Not wanting to ship and prefer for people to pick up? You can do that too! Just have your customers pick the dates and times that work within your schedule and you’re ready to rock!


Your eCommerce website will be able to keep track of individual products inventory levels, in a simple easy to manage system. 

You’ll be able to enter stock quantity, allow backorders and even set a low stock threshold to alert you when products reach a limit where you need to restock. Stay on top of your eCommerce store with ease thanks to WooCommerce. 



We will create a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers, making the process engaging in your buyer’s journey. You do not want your customer to get to the checkout screen and leave because they had a poor experience during the buying process. 

With point-of-sale integration options including Square, Stripe, PayPal, and more, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to get your eCommerce website linked to your bank with ease.

A Circle City Digital Custom eCommerce Design

The Best Part of an eCommerce Design?

One of the biggest perks of building an eCommerce website or adding an online store to your website is that a large number of possibilities that are possible. You might start your online store with a very simple set up of just one product with a handful of variations but quickly decide that you want to grow. 

Thanks to the WooCommerce marketplace there are endless add-on opportunities to customize your store in whatever way works best for your business. Aren’t sure what all is possible? Get in touch with Circle City Digital today and we’ll help guide you in the next right steps for getting your store online!

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