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What is Marketing Automation?

Automation has quickly become the norm in a society that experiences technological advances frequently. Automation involves the use of specific instructions entered into a software. These instructions will often instruct the software to do particular activities at the intended time. Automation is a very useful tool in marketing because it can produce analytics and data, which can be useful to optimize marketing. In this article, we’ll be discussing website marketing automation and the benefits it possesses.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to a process in which marketing emails, campaigns, adverts, or messages are automated. This means that you won’t have to manually send the message to each person who subscribes to the email service and you’ll be able to market on several platforms at once. i.e. social media platforms. 

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Benefits of website Marketing Automation.

If this is still a bit confusing, we’ll be outlining a few of the uses of marketing automation software. 

Lead Scoring

Marketing automation is used for lead scoring. Lead scoring is the ranking of certain leads according to customer engagement. Lead scoring is important in marketing because it helps the marketer make the best campaigns and adverts. Lead scoring involves the use of explicit and implicit data, which is information about the prospect and the prospect’s behavior, respectively. Lead scoring is useful to companies who would like to customize their customers’ buying experience based on the interaction with all the “leads” the company has sent out.

Lead Management

Although it is a little similar to lead scoring, lead management focuses on the system used to generate new clients/customers. Lead management is the system that enables lead scoring. Lead management is how businesses enable the connection between the adverts and the reaction to that advert.

Performance Analytics

Automation software enables businesses and companies to have access to their analytics. These analytics contain information, usually presented in numerical form, about the campaign and how well it performed. It usually contains how many times the campaign was seen, clicked, interacted with, and acted upon. These analytics help marketers understand what campaign design and styles work better. Performance analytics may also include information on emails and landing pages.

Data Storage and Organization 

Data storage and organization, can be especially difficult for small businesses. Without proper supervision or automation, the collected data may become useless and unusable. A quality marketing automation software will include data organization services alongside the automation service.

Marketing Campaign Management 

 A campaign is usually a message or operation executed to achieve a certain goal. In marketing, campaigns are usually emails or ads designed to get a response from the customer or prospective client. Managing marketing campaigns can be difficult as there are quite a few. Marketing automation helps businesses organize the different types of campaigns sent out. A few examples are holiday campaigns, seasonal campaigns, and welcome campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Development 

 Alongside the automation of marketing campaigns, marketing automation also entails the development of the aforementioned marketing campaign. This includes presentation, design, and content.

Multi-Platform Integration 

 As earlier mentioned, marketing automation gives businesses the opportunity to automate repetitive messages as well as integrate several platforms into the plan. Website marketing automation helps the business owner unify the information across all platforms without having to do it manually.

Analysis of Customers 

 Last but certainly not least, we have customer analysis. This is quite similar to general analytics; however, it is a bit more personalized. This feature helps you know your customers better, so you know the appropriate holiday campaigns to send and which products appeal to their demographic or align with their previous purchases.

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