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When You Have a Single Page Website.

A single-page WordPress website can keep your audience’s attention and lead them through scenarios from opening your page to purchasing in the proper context. This is helpful if you are selling an oversized ticket item and need focus. A single-page WordPress website can be more engaging than a multi-page website that requires too many clicks to navigate around.

The pages on a website, including blog posts, landing pages, and product pages, are loaded whenever a user visits the site. The larger the WordPress website, the longer it will take for users to find what they’re looking for. A website with too many pages can frustrate users, making them leave the site without converting. On the other hand, a brochure website loads the most important pages for conversions first, with less critical pages packed if a user asks.

The pages in a brochure website are ordered by importance based on the conversion goals of each page. For example, a product page might have the highest conversion goal, while a blog post might lower. The pages in a brochure website are loaded based on the pages’ importance — or “order of importance” —.

The higher the page’s importance, the sooner it loads.

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What is a Single Page Website?

A single-page website is a website that is a single web page that loads and displays all content (text, images, videos) from a server within a single page. Since the page does not scroll or load multiple pages, a single-page website can load faster than a traditional multi-page website. Some websites use single-page website design to display more content, typically for commercial reasons, while others use single-page website design as a design style.

The Difference Between A Single-Page Website and Multi-Page Websites

A single-page website is a one-page website. A multi-page website is a website that has more than one web page. One-page websites are also known as fixed websites. One-page websites focus on a single topic. These websites usually appear at the top of search engine results because it’s easier for search engines to crawl a page with only one page.

In contrast, multi-page websites usually have many pages. Search engines can’t crawl every web page on a website, so they skip over pages that are not helpful or relevant. Multi-page websites include articles, blog posts, and other resources in addition to the main page. They can consist of a contact form or a search box. A multi-page website might include an e-commerce shopping cart, where customers can browse through products and add items to a shopping cart. Multiple pages can be organized in menus and submenus. Finally, a multi-page website can be optimized for SEO.

When to Use a Single-Page WordPress website?

If you’ve ever used WordPress to build a website, you’ve probably come across websites that use multiple pages. These websites have a single page that acts as a landing page, and each page of the website links to a different page within that site. This setup is compelling, but it requires a lot of planning, knowledge, and design. The following are times when it is right to have a single page WordPress website:


Portfolio websites are one of the best ways to show off your photography, design, or other creative skills. It’s a showcase of your best work. A portfolio website is also a great way to show potential employers that you’re a good fit for their company. Not everything has to be perfect. You can upload your work, add text, and you’re done. But if you’re serious about your portfolio, you’re going to need a website. A portfolio website is an essential part of your marketing plan. You need one to show off your work, but you also want people to know where they can find you.

Landing Pages

More businesses realize the benefits of using landing pages, particularly when choosing to have a single-page website. Landing pages are the single-page website that is created for the sole purpose of performing a specific conversion action. For example, a landing page for webinar registration, a landing page for a course purchase, a landing page for a downloadable product, or a landing page for a webinar replay. The landing page format is also sometimes called a “disposable website.”

Brochure Websites

A brochure website is a single-page website that is designed to display a few products. Brochure websites are effective for showcasing just a few products. They are best used for e-commerce sites that sell a few products or jewelry, cosmetics, and products displayed in simple, easily sortable categories. Brochure websites have a single page that scrolls horizontally. A visitor can scroll through the page and view all the products. Many brochure websites use product photography or illustrations. Brochure websites are easy to build, update and maintain.


A Single Page Website is easy to use. It allows you to focus on the essential parts of your business where it’s needed most. You can deliver clear, actionable value for your visitors in highly engaging ways with countless templates and professional templates. Whether you want to build a sales, funnel with lead generation forms, an explainer video landing page, or conduct an email capture campaign.

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