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Circle City Digital the needle in the haystack when it comes to digital marketing because we bring a consultative approach to your unique company goals. We really dig deep into why, who and how we are going to reach your target demographics, which puts you in a perfect place to get your voice heard by your prospective clients.

Who or Whom To Market?

So now that you have your business plan perfected and you have begun to envision sales flying off the charts, let’s take a step back and do a quick market analysis of who or whom you should be targeting with your marketing. We ask the hard questions that make you dig deep to answer and we do that on purpose because we want to make sure that the logo you worked hard to create and the colors you like for your web flow all are speaking the same language and are appealing to the correct demographics. Once we have the taken the time to dig deep its time to do some market analysis so that we can see how many times and what your potential web reach is to your target audience.

To Re-Market or Re-Target, That Is The Question.

Boom, clients are now reaching your website and you are starting to gain some serious interest in your product or service. Now what? Simple we begin to use analytics tools to dig deeper and break down what money you are leaving on the table! You might think that things are going and that things are moving, but why are customers leaving your website so frequently? Perhaps your website is appealing to the wrong clientele? Or are you selling a product or service that generally people need additional time to process or think about? This is the perfect time to Re-Market to them, and that is when we can get targeted Pay-Per-Click ads that will market to people who have been on your website and showed interest in your product or service. But, let’s flip that script and say that people are visiting your website but your conversion rate is not what you want it to be.

This is the time to Re-Target, perhaps the ads we are running or the keywords we have optimized for are not converting to the demographics that you have outlined in your business plan or idea. This is where we ask more questions and learn more about your company so that we can do behind the scenes research and analysis to help you find your new target audience. We can also restructure your site so that we can target your demographics with new keywords or strategies.


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