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Why Your Website Needs A Responsive Web Design!

If your content is off the page, then it cannot be found.

Recently, there has been a strong desire for website owners to have a website that can be used on mobile devices. 

Usually, your website is only available to PC users, but then, what are you going to do with people who love the information on your website but will have trouble visiting. Are you going to just ignore them and move on with only PC users? Well, you don’t need anyone to tell you that it is going to be a disastrous decision, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website.

We look at what a responsive web design company is and what they’ll offer to you. We’ll also take a sneak peek of the techniques used in responsive web design to help you see the benefits of having one right now.

Here is how Circle City Digital can help!

responsive web design


You don’t need an angel to tell you that there are currently hundreds of thousands of devices out there in the market right now. We haven’t even started talking about the ones that will be made in the future. Now, almost all of these devices come with varying resolutions, so what can the web designer do? Create a thousand versions of the website? Of course not, which is why the responsive website is essential.


Did you know that your website’s images can be made to fit into any phone screen or resolution? If you didn’t, well, now you know. If you have ever wondered why you switch your device from portrait to landscape and the image just fits the screen? the reason is that the image is flexible. If these are incorporated into your website, your visitors will have a good time scrolling through your site.


Let’s face the facts. When you access a website like Facebook with your PC, here are some things you’ll see there that you’ll actually miss out on if you visit with a smartphone. There’s no magic to it. A smartphone, at the end of the day, is just a smartphone. Responsive web design will factor in the idea of taking some things off the site for people who are visiting with smaller devices so that they can focus on essentials.

What is Responsive Web Design?
Think inside the box on this one.

A responsive web design company offers you this content flexibility so that you can retain all your viewers on any device. Once a viewer drops their computer and tries to access your website with their phone, your website would automatically change to fit the screen.

It’s extremely important that your the information you are trying to get across to your client is easily readable, no matter what screen size they are viewing your content on. Some people prefer to visit websites on their phones while others prefer to cruise the web while at the desktop computer. Tablets are becoming more and more popular due to the portability and having access to the perfect “couch computer”

There are other features like custom layout structure and functions for touch/non-touch screens that make the website available and navigable for everyone. It sounds interesting, right? Well, give your website that extra boost right now by hiring a responsive web design company to carry out an impeccable job for you.

responsive website design

TLDR: About a Responsive Website!

You would assume that the website designer would have to create different versions of the same website for it to fit into all the available devices in the market, wouldn’t you? But how long would that go on assuming that a new kind of device is introduced into the market every year? Ranging from BlackBerry to Apple, to Android, and Laptops, it is going to be so much work. The responsive website doesn’t need to have custom versions for specific devices; rather, the website is created with the technology that allows it to switch based on the visitor’s environment and preferences automatically.

Responsive web design is a smart approach taken by website developers to ensure that the website can accommodate every type of device. Imagine trying to switch from your computer to your mobile phone and still maintain the quality experience you’re getting on a website. Yes, that’s a clear picture of what responsive web design is.

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